Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Okey, big brother's wedding on the bride's side dah on our side pule...inshaAllah nearly everything dah settle except nak kemas-kemas rumah saja...

So considering all done, I can now focus on my wedding pule...weeehoooo...

Reception venue inshaAllah settle dah i.e. deposit paid.
Solemnization venue yet to be decided either at me house, or dekat masjid atau pun dekat DPc.

After considering about the venue, ms ff's next research project will be on the make-up...What to consider?

  • Who to hire? Glamourous make-up artist ataupon xde name pon tape?
  • What kind of make-up u wish to have for your solemnization and W-day?
  • Price? Paling penting neh!!!
  • Ade trial make-up tak?
  • Payment policy?

So far, ms ff rase mss ff dah sort of like nampak2 je bayang sorang MUA ni...tapi takpe...itu baru 1st stage punye ff hasn't gone through a thorough research yet...inshaAllah from day-to-day within these few weeks...hopefully ms ff x ambik byk mase sgt nk buat research neh coz nnt make-up je lebey...yg lain sume hampeh...xmo la cemtu kan...hehe...

nnt inshaAllah kalo berkesempatan ms ff akan try buat review psl MUA...inshaAllah...

x ms ff x

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