Monday, 31 October 2011

Penangan Austen Chase...

Austen Chase's caramel macchiato punye pasal:

ms ff takboleh tido semalam!
coffee works real well for me in terms of staying up. i think the last time ms ff takbleh tido like yesterday, was during my uni years. uhhh, waktu uni dulu toksah cakap la, mmg coffee adalah dadah ms ff yang sejati lah! ;p

ms ff is sooo restless today!
yela, u imagine, i da start golek2 atas katil since 11++pm and until 3++am, mate i dok terkebil-kebil lagik dalam gelap! adoiii..tak ke tension tu? natijahnya, (wah, cikgu BM i dolu2 musti bangga dgn BM i! ;p ), arini ms ff pegi keje, kepala mmg blurrr je n out-of focus. mate tu toksah katelah, mmg panda eyes abes!

sape suh cari pasal kan? hambikkk...

well actually, the purpose of going to austen chase was to meet up with one of the vendors. tempat taknak kalah - austen chase aje! haha...but hey, not my fault! vendor yg ajak jumpe kat situ...kuikui...

ape2 pon, walopon kepala otakku seperti berpusing-pusing bak roller-coaster semalam, ms ff puas ati! i'll write down about the nitty-gritty in another entry, at another time ek. promise!

okie doks, cheers! salam...

x ms ff x

Sunday, 30 October 2011


ms ff selalu rase down when it comes to this matter. seringkali ms ff merasakan somehow, somewhere deep inside me, something is missing. mr me-man-to-be selalu remindkan ms ff pasal afterwed planning , which is the TRUE reality. W-day is just W-day. its a one-off event and only memories that will remain. but life after-wed? forever till the day your heart stops beating.

thank you love for keeping on reminding me of the reality. sometimes, i tend to be flying off the ground off-guard; not realising that after the W-day, it's the ground again that my feet will land on.

i can't be too dreamy. i need to wake up. i need to realise that after-wed is the utmost importance.

make a plan. be prepared! enough said.

x ms ff x

Friday, 28 October 2011

Wedding dress: Syomir Izwa

syomir izwa, another name that doesn't need any introduction. ms ff has contacted him last week...well not actually syomir himself la, but his office...the staff who answered the phone was welcoming and credit to that, syomir!

so, what's syomir's rate? jeng jeng jeng...

nikah attire starts from RM1.5k

menariks bangat ait? so, sape2 nak reach him, you can call his office at +60362079720.

okie dokie, sharing is cool-ness!

cheers! salam...

DISCLAIMER: Prices are according to what the designer quote at the time. Might or might not be applicable to all. Please reconfirm with designer himself for more information. Thank you.
x ms ff x

Monday, 24 October 2011


ms ff sudah mula merasakan kegelabahan ayam pasal wedding dress. ayam pon tak gelabah macam ms ff tau! oh tidak!

every night sebelum tido mesti terpikir2:
kat mane nak buat baju ni? design camane yg ms ff sgt2 mahu? bajet yg dah allocate kan tu perlu increase ke tidak? berbaloi ke nak spend banyak2 utk baju JE? made-for-fitting atau sewa dkt boutique je?

ahhh...stress stress stress!

kenape perlu stress? u still have time ait? NO! ms ff punye aim is nak at least dah decide and book xkesahlah kat boutique ataupon dengan designer BEFORE terbang ke uk...tapi setakat harini, masih belum ade progress yg memberangsangkan! huuuuu...

x ms ff x

Wedding dress: Nik Erwan Roseli

just a short update, ms ff juge telah contact dgn nik erwan roseli - one of the stars in the fashion industry.

price yang nik erwan roseli quote ialah:

nikah dress including veil starts from RM2.5k
reception dress starts from RM3.5k

nik erwan roseli could be contacted at +60162500935.

cheers! salam...

DISCLAIMER: Prices are according to what the designer quote at the time. Might or might not be applicable to all. Please reconfirm with designer himself for more information. Thank you.
x ms ff x

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wedding Dress: Najib Salman

Friday last week, ms ff went real pro-active with her wedding dresses' research. the first person ms ff contacted that day was najib salman. najib salman is now increasingly becoming the talk-of-the-town. banyak bloggers yang dah buat their dresses dgn najib salman. and i believe non-bloggers pon ramai yg dah kenal siapa najib salman ni.

i guess i don't need to paste his designs over here ait? u can just google his name and u'll get the hits...;P

ms ff suke najib salman's design...simple yet classy!

okey...the most sought-after information about any designers for most of the bride-to-be-s is definitely their PRICE  btol tak? hehe..., ms ff akan spill kan najib's price. TAPI sebelum itu, lemme just make a disclaimer that the price is according to what najib told me and it might change depending on najib salman himself. 

setakat yang ms ff tanye, inilah price nye:

untuk nikah, price for the bride's dress is RM1k
and for the groom's baju melayu is RM200

untuk reception, price for the bride's ranges from RM1.3k-RM1.7k
and for the groom's suit is RM880

prices exclude fabric/materials i.e. materials are at seperate cost

reasonable kan kan? so, to those yang berminat, maybe u can just sms/call him at +60123442425 or just go through his fb for the pictures. 

cheers! salam...

*EDIT: the prices are applicable only for 2011 according to the designer...

x ms ff x

Thursday, 20 October 2011


have i ever mention here that photography is one of my interest? hmm maybe i have tapi entry sblm ni ade cerite pasal cik nikon sort of an indication la tu...aci kan? hehe...

photography serves as part of my hobby...i love seeing nice photos and i have to admit that i am most envy to those photographers yang ade that very artsy-fartsy skills in photography. Oh sangat jealous! i have to be honest that i am quite an amateur with photography, but to say a newborn, not really i think...maybe i am a toddler who's now at the stage of getting on my feet, trying to take one step of a time...hence, guidance + learning are all that i need at the moment in this area...

here's one of my artwork, which involved a very adorable niece of mine, qyra, of the age of 1yr 8 mo...sangat comelkan??? hish...geram kat budak nih sbb sgt cute!

feel free to comment on this very humble piece of mine...thank u in advance peeps!

cheers! salam...

x ms ff x

Fly me to...


hoyeah hoyeah! ms ff dah book ticket sudah utk terbang 3 minggu lagi...and yes its UK again...huhu...baru early of this year ms ff balik from visiting mr fiance in the UK for 2 weeks...and yet end of this year, ms ff will visit mr fiance lagi! yeaynessssss! tapi this time, the purpose is to attend mr fiance's graduation...*big smile*

so now besides counting down days towards the big day, ms ff also is doing her count down for UK! yezzaaaaa....

orait, cukup utk mode terlebih excited kali ini...cheers! salam...

* gambar kat atas tu was taken while i was on the way to editting was done...sgt cantik ciptaan Yang Maha Esa kan? 

x ms ff x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Wedding Dress: Hatta Dolmat

Salam...this morning before lunch time tadi, ms ff ter-bumped into hatta dolmat nye blog...sape yang tak kenal hatta dolmat, sila angkat tangan...see???takde sorang pon angkat tangan, meaning to say that sume orang pon kenal hatta dolmat ms ff takyah introduce who is hatta dolmat anymore ait? hehe...

well well...for 2012 brides, hatta dah open his service for booking...kalo u order, u akan dapat a complimentary of baju melayu for the groom and you can also get either a veil OR a shoes...

so ms ff saje la nak test market n just nk tahu range price for his couture...trus la ms ff text hatta...n to my surprise, he replied my text! thats professional aint it? ms ff tanye range harga die n he quoted me:

for nikah, the pricing starts from RM 6k++
for sanding, it starts from RM9k++

i tak tekejut la with his price...his design are good + has got quality + most of all, he has got an established deserve la the price kan?

TAPI sayangnya, ms ff tidaklah sekaya itu utk berbelanja besar2an utk sepasang baju...i bukanlah dato' siti nurhaliza, erra fazira, mahupun memey suhaiza yang mampu utk berbelanja sebesar itu...tapi bagi yang mampu, feel free to contact him at +60173033091 atau you can go to his blog first to see his designs.

okie dokie...cheers! salam...

x ms ff x

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


pada saat dan ketika ini, ms ff sedang berkomunikasi dengan incik fiance yang berada jauh nunnnn di uk...

*note: something quite menarik utk ditampal kat sini just for me to cherish our moments...the discussion was about the upcoming wedding day and we were doing our count down together...;P

ramai yang tak berapa nak pecaya LDR can actually work kan? of note, we have been together for nearly 8 years inshaAllah and almost half of these years, we went through the LDR...susah? indeed ade susahnya...tapi i pecaye if u trust each other and masing-masing just be honest about things, inshaAllah u can past all the hurdles easily...tapi not to forget, sentiasa doa kat Allah jugak supaya relationship tu kekal sampai hujung hayat...

at present, ms ff is kuala lumpur whilst mr lovely fiance is in uk...and the LDR has been goin on for more than a year now...6 years ago, ms ff was in uk and mr boyfie (ketika itu masih lagi boyfren) was in kuala lumpur...and...the LDR went on for 3 years...jadi, both phone and internet serve as our means of communication...sebbaek ade due-due menda alah ni kan...bayangkan kalau tepon n internet takade? hmmmm...

*LDR = long-distance relationship

x ms ff x

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Wedding veil ff is in the midst of doing her research on wedding dress, but she stumbled upon infos on wedding veil...well, veil is part of the dress also kan? hehe...

do you know that actually veil ni ade byk jenis in terms on lengths?ms ff sgtla taktau not until today. huhu. i thought there's only "long" or "short" saja tapi sebenonye, ade jenis-jenis die "long" and "short" ni...


  • cathedral length - ni kire the longest type of veil la meleret-leret gitu...

  • chapel length - veil cani tak beza sgt pong length die mcm cathedral type. just slightly shorter by a few inches but still meleret-leret...
  • floor length - this type of veil tak meleret. just a lil bit la kalo u intend to buat panjang sikit. 
  • knee-length aka ballet-length - yang ni as the name tells, it's sampai paras lutut saja...takada leret-leret dah...hehe...
  • fingertip length - yang ni i rase dah masuk kategori "short" veil dah kot in my personal view...
  • waist length and/or elbow length - these two lebey kurang saja pjgnye..ade certain ppl, her elbow is slightly above her waist line...ade setengah orang pule, elbow die sama paras je dgn waist die. so both terms are interchangeable.

  • shoulder length aka fly-away veil - yang ni macam terlalu pendek i rase. 
  • birdscage veil or blusher face veil - yang ni might not be practical for me sbb i pakai tudung. tapi kalo nk buat kelainan boley jugak kan? ngehehee..

okie dokie. hope this helps. cheers! salam...

x ms ff x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Next: Wedding dress

Make-up for both reception events inshaAllah settled. Deposit: check!
Only make-up for solemnization saja yang xkonfem lagi, but i da sort of identified which TRULY female MUA i wanna have for that particular event.
So considering settled (partially..hehe...), am now putting my binoculars on for a different angle pule.
ms ff's next research project will be on:



x ms ff x

Make-up: List

Browsing through the internet, these are some of the MUAs yang quite frequently being reviewed by either magazines, bloggers or forums. Hope this helps. :)
p/s: 10 of the names i got it from the GLAM review

while browsing some time ago, i ade terjumpe link from other bloggers which i rase could be much of help to other b2b as well:

actually ramai je lagi MUA di luar sana yang menariks hasil kerja mereka...ade yang dah glamour ade yang baru nak the choice is yours ladies! :)

okie dokie...cukup kot for now..cheers! salam...

x ms ff x

Saturday, 1 October 2011


OCTOBER marks the start of a kedekut regime. Ok. Itu aje.

x ms ff x