Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fly me to...


hoyeah hoyeah! ms ff dah book ticket sudah utk terbang 3 minggu lagi...and yes its UK again...huhu...baru early of this year ms ff balik from visiting mr fiance in the UK for 2 weeks...and yet end of this year, ms ff will visit mr fiance lagi! yeaynessssss! tapi this time, the purpose is to attend mr fiance's graduation...*big smile*

so now besides counting down days towards the big day, ms ff also is doing her count down for UK! yezzaaaaa....

orait, cukup utk mode terlebih excited kali ini...cheers! salam...

* gambar kat atas tu was taken while i was on the way to editting was done...sgt cantik ciptaan Yang Maha Esa kan? 

x ms ff x

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