Tuesday, 11 October 2011


pada saat dan ketika ini, ms ff sedang berkomunikasi dengan incik fiance yang berada jauh nunnnn di uk...

*note: something quite menarik utk ditampal kat sini just for me to cherish our moments...the discussion was about the upcoming wedding day and we were doing our count down together...;P

ramai yang tak berapa nak pecaya LDR can actually work kan? of note, we have been together for nearly 8 years inshaAllah and almost half of these years, we went through the LDR...susah? indeed ade susahnya...tapi i pecaye if u trust each other and masing-masing just be honest about things, inshaAllah u can past all the hurdles easily...tapi not to forget, sentiasa doa kat Allah jugak supaya relationship tu kekal sampai hujung hayat...

at present, ms ff is kuala lumpur whilst mr lovely fiance is in uk...and the LDR has been goin on for more than a year now...6 years ago, ms ff was in uk and mr boyfie (ketika itu masih lagi boyfren) was in kuala lumpur...and...the LDR went on for 3 years...jadi, both phone and internet serve as our means of communication...sebbaek ade due-due menda alah ni kan...bayangkan kalau tepon n internet takade? hmmmm...

*LDR = long-distance relationship

x ms ff x


  1. same lah kite...LDR.nanti pas kawin pun LDR jugak.huhu~
    all the best dear.. :)

  2. huuu..ms ff pon ade possibility after kahwin LDR juge...tapela, lets just be strong yek malyn...all the best to u too! =)