Thursday, 27 December 2012



Mommy is just too contented sbb dpt grabbed a 8-piece gift set for my little munchkin just before the sale ended yesterday at Mothercare! [Walaupun terpakse go through all the nonsense traffic congestion within that short lunch-hour break!] Memang lame dah aim set ni, cume bile tgk rpice-tag die, mcm reluctant je nk beli..but Alhamdulillah waktu sale ni ade 20% off...bolehla kan daripada original price tu? [menyedapkan hati sendiri..] *wide smile*

cheers! salam...

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing day


It's the boxing day sale today!!!

I wish I'm in the UK at the moment untuk ber-boxing!!! Especially now that I have quite a long list of things to buy for the little munchkin...huuuu...

I remembered the last time I was there, ms ff and friends sanggup queue since 4am in the morning just for boxing day... call that kerja gila and indeed it was quite a kerja-gila! haha..but we enjoyed it though!

ok ok..enough of the boxing day madness photos though...nnt lagi tension pule melihat gambar2 ini...urghhhh...

cheers! salam...

Monday, 24 December 2012

Checklist: Feeding items


Loving to do all the research I need, here ms ff has come up with the items which are deemed necessary (depends on individuals) for feeding items.

For bottle feeding items:

  • bottles - depends on how many you mums would like to have but for ms ff, i just bought a starter set which contains 4 bottles
  • teat and bottle brush
  • bottle steriliser
  • milk dispenser/container - tapi kalau nak breastfeed, this thing tak beli lagi pon takpe
  • hot-water flask
  • warmer bag

For breast-feeding items:
  • breastpump
  • cooler bag/cooling aid
  • bottle warmer - yang ni kalau u nak panaskan EBM yg dalam bottle tu, then this item i think is quite necessary
  • nursing tops - sekarang banyak je jual nursing shawl yang shantek2 kan.. :)
  • nursing bras
  • breast/nursing pads
  • nursing pillows/support - yang ni optional saja...kalau nak jimat, takada item ni pon doesnt affect much..
  • nipple cream
This is so far what I can get from my research...Feel free untuk tambah dalam list ni...Sharing is caring...

okie dokie...cheers! salam...

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Melancholy weather

Cuaca yang suram dan muram pada pagi ini sedikit pun tidak menjejaskan perasaanku pada pagi ini. Rasa syukur dan berterima kasih kepada Yang Maha Esa atas apa yang berlaku disekelilingku membuatkan diriku merasa dekat sahaja dengan Yang Maha Pencipta. Terima kasih ya Allah atas segala nikmat yang telah dikurniakan kepadaku. Sesungguhnya nikmat yang telah diberikan kepadaku adalah tidak terhitung nilainya!


Don't know why suddenly feels like writing something like this. Huuu...

*Not bad jugak BM ms ff ni...kuikui...;P *

okie dokie..cheers! salam...

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Recent baby expo


baru-baru ni kan ade baby ekspo..asalnye saja je nak pegi tgk2 and tak plan nak membeli belah pon..

tup tup..nahhh...amik hang...

garu kepala je hubby tersayang...huhu..


mommy ff tetap pueh ati sbb semua items yang dah diborong tu were wayyy cheaper than the market price..i suke kalo ade reduction price cenggini..ngehehe..

for example, this pureen baby wipes..

market price: rm12.90, expo price: rm9.00

baby swaddle ni plak cheaper jugak than the one that ms ff penah jumpe sblm ni..cheaper by up to rm10 kalo tak silap..

berbaloi2 kan?

so the take home message yg ms ff rase boleh di-adapt oleh org lain:

1. do some market research, mommies.

2. just grab whichever item which u think is more expensive elsewhere.

are those message helpful? ke lagi merabakkan poket korang? lol...

okie dokie...cheers! salam...

Monday, 17 December 2012



Alhamdulillah ms ff has managed to get herself a breastfeeding pump!!! was quite a task jugak utk nak decide which breast pump to get coz there's definitely pleeeenty of it in the market now...

so after googling here n there, ms ff decided to go for MEDELA Freestyle!

Why Freestyle?

1. Portability - this is the utmost criteria that I look about when googling for breastpumps.

2. No need power supply - im a working mom, so i need to express the precious milk for my little munchkin at the office. Leceh la kalau all the time nak kena duduk pump kt tepi power supply kan? hehe..

3. Double pumps - well well, time-savvy!

Ape lagi eh? oh, the tote bag sangat cantik! heee...

These are just parts of it.

I got this pump through my friend who visited US a few weeks back and ms ff was quite lucky that her friend was willing to get the pump for her...sangat terharu hokey! huhu...

the best part of ff beli pump ini wayyyyy cheaper than the market price in msia. in msia, from what ms ff dah survey2, kalo beli dekat kedai, the range is from rm2000-2500. tapi kalau ade expo atau ade sale, price can go to rm1700-1900.

the price that i got for my lil munchkin punye pump is ONLY rm12++. quite a huge difference huh? ngehehehee...

okeylah, harus kembali bekerja..curik2 lunchtime kejap je ni (tp ni pon terlajak sikit..huhu..)

cheers! salam...