Monday, 17 December 2012



Alhamdulillah ms ff has managed to get herself a breastfeeding pump!!! was quite a task jugak utk nak decide which breast pump to get coz there's definitely pleeeenty of it in the market now...

so after googling here n there, ms ff decided to go for MEDELA Freestyle!

Why Freestyle?

1. Portability - this is the utmost criteria that I look about when googling for breastpumps.

2. No need power supply - im a working mom, so i need to express the precious milk for my little munchkin at the office. Leceh la kalau all the time nak kena duduk pump kt tepi power supply kan? hehe..

3. Double pumps - well well, time-savvy!

Ape lagi eh? oh, the tote bag sangat cantik! heee...

These are just parts of it.

I got this pump through my friend who visited US a few weeks back and ms ff was quite lucky that her friend was willing to get the pump for her...sangat terharu hokey! huhu...

the best part of ff beli pump ini wayyyyy cheaper than the market price in msia. in msia, from what ms ff dah survey2, kalo beli dekat kedai, the range is from rm2000-2500. tapi kalau ade expo atau ade sale, price can go to rm1700-1900.

the price that i got for my lil munchkin punye pump is ONLY rm12++. quite a huge difference huh? ngehehehee...

okeylah, harus kembali bekerja..curik2 lunchtime kejap je ni (tp ni pon terlajak sikit..huhu..)

cheers! salam...


  1. salam.
    eh bestnya dpt murah!mana beli? i beli RM1788 dkt expo tp ad 3x free gift la.tau ada lagi murah mcm dkt fb blh dpt rm1500 tp warranty starts on the day kita bought.rugi2.anyway, untung da u dpt

  2. salam hannan,
    i kirim dekat my friend yang pegi US baru-baru ni. alhamdulillah rezeki budak kecik dlm womb ni mungkin..hehe..
    tapi kan hannan, the drawback kalau u beli outside malaysia is that u wont be covered here in malaysia if there's any defect/faulty/damage dkt ur pump - the warranty doesnt cover worldwide. ada untungnya beli dekat sini though harga dia mahal sikit, but still ur covered ait? :)

    x ms ff x

  3. yup dear,memang nak beli dkt sini though my sis in law live in england:)tak kuasa kot dia nk melayan hehe.lagipun if anything damage, nak post lagi.haish...ada 1 fb ni (nur qalesya medela) dia ada jual medela fs for us warranty (RM 1200) while M'sia (RM1500)but still way cheaper kan?tp xjadi beli coz warranty starts hari kita beli.haish...
    anyway, good luck babe!may our nawaitu for breastfeed anak2 kita tercapai.amin ya Rabb :)

  4. ameen to that hannan...and good luck to u jugak..:)

    bile u due anyway dear?

    x ms ff x

  5. ic ic..i awal sikit je drp should be on the 06/03/2013 inshaAllah.. :)

    x ms ff x

  6. Oh,good luck beb.hope that Allah ease the 'process'.da 7bln ni,hri2 fikir yg tu.mix feeling!

  7. u too good luck hannan! its good that u da start fikir..i still macam rileks je lagi...good in a way sbb tenang je looking at another angle, sgtla tidak bagus!!!..ok ok..i kena start berpikir2 dah psl delivery now...*gulp* :|

    x ms ff x