Monday, 24 December 2012

Checklist: Feeding items


Loving to do all the research I need, here ms ff has come up with the items which are deemed necessary (depends on individuals) for feeding items.

For bottle feeding items:

  • bottles - depends on how many you mums would like to have but for ms ff, i just bought a starter set which contains 4 bottles
  • teat and bottle brush
  • bottle steriliser
  • milk dispenser/container - tapi kalau nak breastfeed, this thing tak beli lagi pon takpe
  • hot-water flask
  • warmer bag

For breast-feeding items:
  • breastpump
  • cooler bag/cooling aid
  • bottle warmer - yang ni kalau u nak panaskan EBM yg dalam bottle tu, then this item i think is quite necessary
  • nursing tops - sekarang banyak je jual nursing shawl yang shantek2 kan.. :)
  • nursing bras
  • breast/nursing pads
  • nursing pillows/support - yang ni optional saja...kalau nak jimat, takada item ni pon doesnt affect much..
  • nipple cream
This is so far what I can get from my research...Feel free untuk tambah dalam list ni...Sharing is caring...

okie dokie...cheers! salam...


  1. Nipple shield u beli x?penting ke ek?

  2. sorry hannan lambat reply...i dah readup sikit here and there about this nipple shield...nipple shield ni penting kalau baby ade problem utk nk latch during breastfeeding...since our babies pon tak keluar lagi and we have never experienced that breastfeeding moment, i would recommend that u wait first until baby dah keluar and see what your doctor recommend nnt...

    utk further readup: maybe u can refer to these sites:

    hope that helps, hannan! ;)

    x ms ff x