Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wedding Dress: Najib Salman

Friday last week, ms ff went real pro-active with her wedding dresses' research. the first person ms ff contacted that day was najib salman. najib salman is now increasingly becoming the talk-of-the-town. banyak bloggers yang dah buat their dresses dgn najib salman. and i believe non-bloggers pon ramai yg dah kenal siapa najib salman ni.

i guess i don't need to paste his designs over here ait? u can just google his name and u'll get the hits...;P

ms ff suke najib salman's design...simple yet classy!

okey...the most sought-after information about any designers for most of the bride-to-be-s is definitely their PRICE  btol tak? hehe..., ms ff akan spill kan najib's price. TAPI sebelum itu, lemme just make a disclaimer that the price is according to what najib told me and it might change depending on najib salman himself. 

setakat yang ms ff tanye, inilah price nye:

untuk nikah, price for the bride's dress is RM1k
and for the groom's baju melayu is RM200

untuk reception, price for the bride's ranges from RM1.3k-RM1.7k
and for the groom's suit is RM880

prices exclude fabric/materials i.e. materials are at seperate cost

reasonable kan kan? so, to those yang berminat, maybe u can just sms/call him at +60123442425 or just go through his fb for the pictures. 

cheers! salam...

*EDIT: the prices are applicable only for 2011 according to the designer...

x ms ff x


  1. wow..harga die quite reasonable lah..why lah i ni tak pernah try tanye..huhu...too late betul...hahaha

  2. kan nat kan? takpe...maybe utk next event ape2 ke nat try ngan najib salman?