Friday, 14 October 2011

Wedding Dress: Hatta Dolmat

Salam...this morning before lunch time tadi, ms ff ter-bumped into hatta dolmat nye blog...sape yang tak kenal hatta dolmat, sila angkat tangan...see???takde sorang pon angkat tangan, meaning to say that sume orang pon kenal hatta dolmat ms ff takyah introduce who is hatta dolmat anymore ait? hehe...

well well...for 2012 brides, hatta dah open his service for booking...kalo u order, u akan dapat a complimentary of baju melayu for the groom and you can also get either a veil OR a shoes...

so ms ff saje la nak test market n just nk tahu range price for his couture...trus la ms ff text hatta...n to my surprise, he replied my text! thats professional aint it? ms ff tanye range harga die n he quoted me:

for nikah, the pricing starts from RM 6k++
for sanding, it starts from RM9k++

i tak tekejut la with his price...his design are good + has got quality + most of all, he has got an established deserve la the price kan?

TAPI sayangnya, ms ff tidaklah sekaya itu utk berbelanja besar2an utk sepasang baju...i bukanlah dato' siti nurhaliza, erra fazira, mahupun memey suhaiza yang mampu utk berbelanja sebesar itu...tapi bagi yang mampu, feel free to contact him at +60173033091 atau you can go to his blog first to see his designs.

okie dokie...cheers! salam...

x ms ff x

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