Friday, 28 October 2011

Wedding dress: Syomir Izwa

syomir izwa, another name that doesn't need any introduction. ms ff has contacted him last week...well not actually syomir himself la, but his office...the staff who answered the phone was welcoming and credit to that, syomir!

so, what's syomir's rate? jeng jeng jeng...

nikah attire starts from RM1.5k

menariks bangat ait? so, sape2 nak reach him, you can call his office at +60362079720.

okie dokie, sharing is cool-ness!

cheers! salam...

DISCLAIMER: Prices are according to what the designer quote at the time. Might or might not be applicable to all. Please reconfirm with designer himself for more information. Thank you.
x ms ff x

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