Thursday, 20 October 2011


have i ever mention here that photography is one of my interest? hmm maybe i have tapi entry sblm ni ade cerite pasal cik nikon sort of an indication la tu...aci kan? hehe...

photography serves as part of my hobby...i love seeing nice photos and i have to admit that i am most envy to those photographers yang ade that very artsy-fartsy skills in photography. Oh sangat jealous! i have to be honest that i am quite an amateur with photography, but to say a newborn, not really i think...maybe i am a toddler who's now at the stage of getting on my feet, trying to take one step of a time...hence, guidance + learning are all that i need at the moment in this area...

here's one of my artwork, which involved a very adorable niece of mine, qyra, of the age of 1yr 8 mo...sangat comelkan??? hish...geram kat budak nih sbb sgt cute!

feel free to comment on this very humble piece of mine...thank u in advance peeps!

cheers! salam...

x ms ff x

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