Sunday, 30 October 2011


ms ff selalu rase down when it comes to this matter. seringkali ms ff merasakan somehow, somewhere deep inside me, something is missing. mr me-man-to-be selalu remindkan ms ff pasal afterwed planning , which is the TRUE reality. W-day is just W-day. its a one-off event and only memories that will remain. but life after-wed? forever till the day your heart stops beating.

thank you love for keeping on reminding me of the reality. sometimes, i tend to be flying off the ground off-guard; not realising that after the W-day, it's the ground again that my feet will land on.

i can't be too dreamy. i need to wake up. i need to realise that after-wed is the utmost importance.

make a plan. be prepared! enough said.

x ms ff x


  1. hi dear..tq follow me.. follow u back okay? :D
    btw, sgt agree ngan ur post.. after wed is important, but macam i nie, i cant help to be more excited for my wedding day.. haha.. ;p

  2. tq renee meow meow! i pon selalu je eksaited lebey, tapi nnt mesti bakal menteri kewangan i bising...huhu...