Friday, 11 November 2011

Wedding Deco: Canvas printing

Woah, rase ghenduuuu lama tak menulis dkt blog yg tak seberapa ni...hehe...

So, with respect to my travel to UK ahad ni, one of my mission to be accomplished:

to capture the best photo for canvas printing!


the canvas printing will be displayed during my reception 
(prolly at the main entrance of the hall)

[Source: chelseaelizabeth]

oookie ff mahu pergi men-drool-kan diri mencari inspirasi gambau2 wedding yang shantek-shantekkk....;P

cheers! salam...


  1. suka!
    minat sangat dengan photo canvas ni. cantek.

    already follow your blog.


  2. sorry for the late reply ika...

    well, u can try capture the picture urself and pastu edit sket here n there n yatta! boley trus print kt atas canvas...wouldn't that be lovely kan ika kan?

    thankiu sbb follow ms ff pon dah follow miss ika balik...:)

    x ms ff x

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