Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Post-travelling mood


holiday mood is soooo over now!! oh, sangat tidak besh!!! how i wish i can go travelling without having to think about work and without having any financial constraint! ngehhs...angan2 mat jenin saja bolehla!!

so now, ms ff harus get back to reality again! reality it was that when ms ff arrived home at 10.30pm Monday night, Tuesday morning terus pegi keje...wah, sangat berdedikasi!!! huhu...padahal terpaksa coz nak simpan cuti...kehkeh...

to scribble about the story of ms ff's journey would devote a bit of a time now...and since ms ff hasn't recovered from physical tiredness due to the long-haul flight, ms ff would just keep a short entry for now. no, i am not jet-lag at all if that makes u wonder. [cey, mcm ade org wonder...hakhak...]

lepas dah balik ni, belek planner page-by-page, oh-no! semakin hampir ms ff kearah BIG-day itu! butterfly dah start provoking the tummy to start pro-actively with the preps!

kahwin itu senang. yes, so they might say.
tapi...(ada tapi tu...hehe...) kadang2 kite sendiri yg buatkan kahwin itu susah, termasuklah yg berkata2 ini...huhu...nak yang macam itu lah, macam ini taknak lah, yang ni flowery sangat, yang tu overdoing sangat, yang itu simple sangat - u name it. we the brides-to-be would come up with 1001 reasons just to get as what we have imagined at least. ohhhh, mmg usually the brides yang akan menyusahkan keadaan, i have to admit. tapi bukan ke THE wedding is like a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME event that u wanna do the best out of it and dont wanna spoil it even for a slightest mistake?

eh, membebel yang tidak bersebab. suddenly baru terperasan. huhu...

nak update psl travel, gambau2 sume ade dgn mr me-man-to-be...
nak update pasal wedding research, mmg hampeh lah takde progress langsung the past 2 weeks.
nak update pasal wedding progress, mmg lagi harapan-tinggal-harapan lah kan...langsang takdak! gezzzz...cuak cuak...days are getting closer, yet nothing has been achieved!

Luse, ms ff kena terbang ke Sarawak pule for work! tak berkesempatan lagi la den nk buek research ni ha.

okie dokie lah, mahu pergi menenangkan diri dgn berhibernasi. till next time. cheers! salam...

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