Thursday, 1 December 2011

Countdown: 99 days

salam...november has been a packed month for ms ff - not in terms of works, but in terms of travelling...ngehsss...2 weeks of work then UK trip then Sarawak trip pule. now that i've recovered from the post-travelling mood, i should now be focusing on the W-day progress.

semalam i.e. 30 NOVEMBER 2011, maka genaplah 100 hari countdown utk W-day ms ff. and hari ini i.e. 01 DECEMBER 2011, the countdown has officially begins with only 2 digits!

[Source: weddingbycolor]

99 days. freaking-ly 99 days!!! goshhh...preparation-wise? NONE!!! gilee? yess mmg sedikit gile!
ms ff dah boleh foresee all the chaos yang bakal datang sedebik dekat ms ff...ohhh...:(

starting from yesterday, ms ff has made a promise to myself that each day there should be a progress, despite how small it is. alhamdulillah bermula semalam juge ms ff dah officially start to put my binoculars on for photographers.

seperti biase, market research kena buat. jadi kena lah rajin bertanye here and there about who's in who's out, who's good who's not, who fits the budget who does not, yada yada yada...satu photographer telah pon ms ff terjah mungkin i'll make a seperate entry on that and try to review it more critically so that boleh benefit b2b laen...hopefully...

hari ini and petang ini, ms ff akan pergi jumpe dengan designer baju yang haritu ms ff jumpe and janji nak write about. ms ff harap ms ff boleh decide harini juge about the wedding dress! inshaAllah ameen...

untuk b2b laen, sile jangan ikut ape yang ms ff buat sekarang. last minute thing really could give you heart-attacks maybe not today maybe not tomorrow BUT maybe on just days before your big day!

okie dokie, cheers! salam...
note to self: 
- research & decide fast
- u owe ur blog two entries! 
execute execute execute...

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